Professional sustainability consultants helping real estate companies achieve their ESG sustainability goals.

We’re a professional sustainability consultancy offering a holistic solution to Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability for the built environment. Using our breadth of experience, we help our clients to develop and implement a clear ESG framework that defines and achieves their sustainability goals.

Having worked directly with funders, asset managers, developers and operators, we pride ourselves on our ability to approach ESG sustainability from all perspectives. We believe in clarity, efficiency, and above all else, results.

ESG Europe offers a top-down and holistic service

Holistic ESG



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On behalf of the Center for Active Design and the Fitwel team, I am thrilled to inform you that ESG Europe is the winner of a 2021 Best in Building Health Award.

I’d like to personally congratulate you on your leadership in advancing the healthy building movement through Fitwel. The challenges of this past year have demonstrated that protecting and promoting public health is a crucial priority requiring all of our collective efforts.

Joanna Frank, President & CEO - Fitwell


Our Services

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ESG Frameworks, Strategies & Reporting ExpandClose

We define and develop complete ESG frameworks built on strategies aligned with our client’s sustainability goals and support our clients by implementing these strategies to maximise the tangible benefits. We also offer a complete ESG reporting suite at the asset, portfolio or fund level with reports tailored to our client’s needs and their intended audience.

  • ESG policy development: corporate, design & construction, property management & operations
  • Alignment with third-party standards such as GRI, UN PRI, TCFD and GRESB
  • Alignment with key regulations such as SFDR and EU Taxonomy
  • Alignment with the requirements of key stakeholders such as investors, shareholders and JV partners
  • ESG risk assessments and due diligence
  • Developing corporate ESG targets and tracking progress
  • Collecting, rationalising and analysing critical data

GRESB – Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark ExpandClose

Using GRESB, we’re able to benchmark and verify our client’s ESG performance not only against internal targets but against their peers as well. Completing the assessments on an annual basis drives continuous improvements in our client’s ESG performance.

  • Annual GRESB assessments: management, performance, and development component
  • Regular gap analysis and performance management
  • Collecting, rationalising and analysing the required data
  • Gathering and developing the required evidence

Building Certifications & Social Value ExpandClose

We have a team of licensed assessors on board across a range of global sustainable building certifications and can offer a complete certification service to verify performance from both an environmental and social perspective. Our certification service includes developing a certification strategy to identify the most cost-beneficial route to acquiring the desired rating.

Carbon Reduction & Net Zero Carbon ExpandClose

We’re able to develop carbon reduction and net zero carbon pathways at asset, portfolio or fund level to achieve the corporate targets set by our clients.

  • Calculating carbon emissions in operations and construction
  • Calculating whole life carbon and embodied carbon
  • Setting and monitoring corporate targets
  • Developing and implementing reduction strategies and specifications
  • CRREM tool analysis
  • Carbon off-setting
  • Renewable energy installations and procurement

ESG Performance Benchmarking, Data Management & Data Analytics ExpandClose

ESG performance benchmarking helps our clients verify the effectiveness of their ESG frameworks and can be completed at the asset, portfolio and fund level at pre-determined intervals. The results of ESG performance benchmarking are used to drive improvements by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our client’s ESG frameworks.

We also provide complete data management and analytics services leveraging technology and software that provides valuable insights into an asset, portfolio or fund’s ESG performance. Our data management service includes developing complete smart metering strategies to improve the accuracy and granularity of the collected data.

Combined, these services ensure that ESG decisions and strategies are informed by the most up-to-date and accurate information in order to withstand third-party scrutiny.

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